Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trying to be less social, but in a good way

This past week, I made a decision to remove Facebook and Twitter from my phone. I'm not quitting the services, and I didn't remove the apps out of frustration. I did so because I'm trying to cut back on social media use. It's been an interesting week because of it.

I found myself paying more attention to things around me when I would head out for lunch during work or when I went to events. It was really nice actually. I talked to my wife more when we were together, and we discovered that we hadn't had any real conversations in a while over the usual sharing something with each other.

It's been nice really. I will now check Twitter or Facebook in the morning or evening to catch up on the days events and share something with those who follow me, but that has been it. I haven't been caught up in any Facebook drama or Twitter freak outs, and the world seems like a better place because of it even though I'm sure it isn't. The simple fact that I'm not seeing constant negativity has been a big improvement.

What I am going to be most curious about is how I look at the holidays this year while minimizing my social media use. I will definitely share anything worth noting.