Sunday, August 13, 2017

Revisiting my to-read list

I use the website Goodreads to keep track of books I have read and keep a list of books I would like to read. I joined the site at the end of December in 2010 and added a bunch of books to read in 2011. After that, I found myself reading all sorts of random stuff that came out. Joined NetGalley to find books to write reviews about and promote, and then I hit a phase where reading wasn't fun anymore for me, so I stopped and focused on other things like playing video games and watching videos.

During the years, I never stopped adding to my to-read list even though I was reading other things and not really going back to the beginning of my list and reading the stuff I added six years ago. In the last couple of months, I decided to go back to the beginning of my list and start to read the stuff I originally added.

It's been an interesting experience because I can't always remember why I added a book to my to-read list from six years ago. I can tell that my influence was on thrillers at the time because it seems that almost all of the books I added back then were in the vein of Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, and Vince Flynn. As I have been reading these books, I remembered why I have thriller on my favorite genre's to read. These types of books just have a  way of grabbing my attention and not letting go. I managed to read three of them in the past week, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next one.

I also looked down the list to the books that I was adding back in 2012. At that time, it appears I had a fantasy kick because there is like three months of added books that are all in the genre of fantasy, so it will be interesting when I get to that part of my to-read list. I do enjoy fantasy, but not as much as I used to, so I will be intrigued to see my reactions to the books that I added back then. Who knows, maybe I will rekindle my love of fantasy once more.

Either way, it has been an interesting experience to revisit my to-read list and start knocking out some of the titles that have been on the list the longest. I think my focus will remain in that area for awhile now with the occasional new book from time to time. We shall see if this trend continues, or if I get bored and go back to reading random stuff.