Sunday, February 12, 2017

Man Sues After Uber Exposes His Affair

While I acknowledge there is a legitimate bug here that can cause privacy issues, I think the man needs to own up to his own actions instead of going after the company that exposed his affair. Don't cheat. You won't get caught.

Crazy idea. I know

AMD's Ryzen Processors Are Needed

I started selling computers a little over five years ago. At the time, I didn't understand the gap between Intel and AMD at the time, and I started out thinking both company's were on the same level when it came to processor power. Over time, I've come to learn that Intel's processors are better simply because of the technology Intel has put into them that make the processors very efficient, but I have been hoping to see the battle between AMD and Intel heat up again.

Those of use who still use desktop computers need this. As much as I like Intel, I feel like their processors haven't really improved a whole lot over the last few years. When a fourth generation processor and a seventh generation processor only has minimal gains in performance, I don't really count that as a win. I remember when a new processor family every few years brought about some major improvements. It's possible we may never see that again, but I keep hoping for it.

With the upcoming Ryzen processors from AMD, we are finally going to see something we haven't seen in years: Intel and AMD on a similar level. I've started looking at the leaked Ryzen specs, and the numbers look amazing. If these new processors truly pull off the power it appears they provide, it will be a big win for consumers. We need AMD to bring along a cheaper alternative to Intel's pricey chips. This will help drive competition and improve pricing among both brands. You can buy cheap AMD processors now and have been able to do so for years, but you would sacrifice performance.

A perfect example of how amazing AMD's new processors may be is the leaked pricing of the R7 1700. According to Forbes, that processor may be priced around $320 and has the same specs as Intel's Core i7-6900K, which currently sells for around $1050. That is a massive difference in price for two processors that offer 8 cores and 16 threads. Even if the new Ryzen processor under performs the Intel processor by 10% or 20% in performance, that is still an amazing price.

Time will tell when it comes to these new processors. I for one am rooting for AMD right now. I want them to be successful because I truly feel that it will help spur Intel into either offering better prices or rolling out some amazing processors of their own to compete. Either way, I think the next few years of traditional pc processors could be awesome once again.