Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Support Teams Fail

I recently had an interaction with a company where I was requesting access to an early build of their app. I was told I could email their support email address and get access, so I sent off the email. I explained I had an Android phone and mentioned the email address I was mailing them with was also the email I use for the Google Play store. I figured I had given them everything they needed to get me the app.

I wake up this morning with a message from the company's support team asking me if I want the app for iOS or Android. If Android, what email address I use for the Play store. They even quoted my initial email at the end of their response. I couldn't help but stare blankly at the response. It's like they didn't even read my email. They saw the words "I'd like to request access to your app" and ignored everything else.

I was tempted to respond with a snarky reply about maybe they could re-read my initial email to get the information they needed, but I figured that wouldn't help if I was trying to get into a beta group.

The annoying part about this is it happens at almost every company where I need to contact support. I try to minimize the amount of emails or forum posts I need to make, so I provide as much detail as possible. It never helps because the first response always asks for information I already provided. It is very aggravating because it clearly shows the support team doesn't truly listen if they can't properly respond to the initial request.